2001 Born in Osaka, Japan.
Took piano lessons from the age of 6 to 12yrs old. Found interest in country music as a child when visiting Disneyland and begun playing guitar at the age of 10yrs old. Her first live concert experience was at the age of 11yrs old. After attending a concert of Tommy Emmanuel, praised as “The God of Acoustic Guitar”, and witnessing his marvelous stage performance, the impact of becoming a guitarist dream began. In January 2013, just 10 months after she started playing guitar, she participated in the “Morris Fingerpicking Day West Japan – Freestyle Division Contest” and won the MIKI GAKKI Awards. In August of the same year at Tommy Emmanuel’s Japan Tour in Osaka, Tommy invited KOYUKI on stage to perform 2 songs. In 2014 at the above same contest, she won the “Judges’ Special Prize Awards, “Excellence Awards”, and even won a prize in the National Finals, all at the youngest age recorded in history. In 2015 once again, she was invited to perform 2 songs on Tommy Emmanuel’s Japan Tour in Osaka. Her unique composing style using the guitar, piano and her worldview have been highly acclaimed by both domestic and international artists. She is a fingerstyle guitarist passionate and delicate in country techniques, galloping along with fast arpeggios.